Entries with the tag “ideas”

These blog entries tagged “ideas” are project, site or app ideas that I’ve come up with that I thought might be interesting to build. If any suit your fancy, feel free to grab them and implement! I would love to hear about your success!

Job Trader Website Idea

Nov 8, 2023 ideas

What if you could trade your job with someone else - who wanted your job - and you wanted theirs? Would this be that hard to do? Here’s my idea.

Idea - Quick API Proxy service

Oct 2, 2022 ideas

I have a long history of sharing ideas on this blog for services/sites/utilities. Here’s the newest one: a very cheap service to proxy API requests that don’t have open CORS requests / require an API key.

Bass Test App/Website

Apr 15, 2019 business ideas javascript

I was calibrating my speakers the other day, so I searched and found a Bass Test YouTube video. Later on, I was thinking about the presentation I saw where some guys made a DJ system with Tone.js and I wondered if it made sense to make a bass test website and/or app.

Idea: Voice Controlled Paginator / RSS Reader

Sep 17, 2013 business ideas

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while…

Idea: CMS agnostic cloud storage plugin

Aug 27, 2013 business ideas

So I’ve been looking into cloud storage a bit again - and I decided to do a bit of quick research on the top three CMS in my life: Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress. I wanted to see if my idea made sense…

Idea: CodeReviewWith.Me

Aug 13, 2013 business ideas

I had this idea about doing interactive screen share and code review. I wrote it about it earlier and even asked for feedback.

Idea: Extra Analytics Information

Jun 25, 2013 business ideas

When browsing the documentation for chrome, I came across this:

Idea: Bible Verse A Day

Jan 15, 2013 business ideas

I did a bit of looking for websites that will service a Bible verse of the day via email, and I did not like what I found. First, I felt that a lot of them were very confusing to use. It wasn’t immediately clear what you were there to do. I didn’t know where to put my email address, etc. Finally, after reviewing a lot of the copy right information with bibles, I wonder if they weren’t breaking the copyrights for a lot of the bibles they offered.

Twitter Book

Nov 28, 2012 business ideas

This idea is about the concept of grouping tweets in a meaningful way.

Idea for Web Design Website

Nov 6, 2012 business ideas

So I’ve been looking at some parallax plugins with Javascript and CSS3 animations… and it got me to thinking: I have a great idea for a web site design firm.

Ideas Online

Aug 22, 2012 business ideas

This idea is to create an idea repository. I started out wanting to make this website - and instead just decided to list my ideas on this blog. But, here goes.


Aug 22, 2012 business ideas

Idea: TrackThings.com. This website is made to track sales people and distribution of promotional materials. It was initially thought of as a way to track on-the-ground sales distribution. For example, if you had someone go to three businesses on one street, they could easily track where they went, and mark the interest for followup.