Aug 22, 2012 business ideas
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Idea: This website is made to track sales people and distribution of promotional materials. It was initially thought of as a way to track on-the-ground sales distribution. For example, if you had someone go to three businesses on one street, they could easily track where they went, and mark the interest for followup.

Basically, the need is that on the ground sales people need to be able to track what they distribute and who they talk to - and do it easily. We would use GPS and foursquare to do two things: a) allow them to easily retrieve location data and not have to retype it - and b) allow them to check in. Owners would be able to plot where users checked in and what the overall area interest was. Additionally the information from foursquare would be used to populate the owner’s crm.

The owner would configure a campaign and the user would login to their campaign. There would be very simple buttons: yes I distributed the item here, no I didn’t, they were interested (contact info) no they were not. As well as foursquare checkin.

The foursquare option would be hit immediately when someone went to the venue. It would either return results, and allow a checkin, and populate the location contact CRM form… or say this area does not exist in foursquare and ask the user to populate the data by hand. After that is done, they would also hae the option to publish and check in to foursquare.

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