Idea: Bible Verse A Day

Jan 15, 2013 business ideas
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I did a bit of looking for websites that will service a Bible verse of the day via email, and I did not like what I found. First, I felt that a lot of them were very confusing to use. It wasn’t immediately clear what you were there to do. I didn’t know where to put my email address, etc. Finally, after reviewing a lot of the copy right information with bibles, I wonder if they weren’t breaking the copyrights for a lot of the bibles they offered.

So I came up with my own idea:

Very simple webpage that has a big email box on the center of the screen. Below it it asks if you’d like a random bible verse, or like to start a reading plan in genesis. If you choose the reading plan option, it gives you an option to choose the amount of verses you’d like to receive in succession, 1-10. Finally, there is some verbiage about you agreeing to receive emails and potential offers in those emails.

The system would then use a tool like mailchimp to get double opt-in. Then, it would track your account with your email address. Every email would have a special link that would allow you to change your settings. These settings would include going back to a random bible verse, or continuing your daily reading allotment, specifying your denomination, and choosing other bibles, as they become available.

To start, the system would use the World English Bible, the only one that I’ve found that has no specific copy right information that would restrict the distribution of multiple verses of it.

Emails to the users would contain the bible verse, an ability to change settings, an ability to unsubscribe, and potentially, randomly, an advertiser.

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