Idea: CMS agnostic cloud storage plugin

Aug 27, 2013 business ideas
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So I’ve been looking into cloud storage a bit again - and I decided to do a bit of quick research on the top three CMS in my life: Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress. I wanted to see if my idea made sense…

So first, here are the competitors:

Drupal Cloud Storage

Joomla Cloud Storage

Wordpress Cloud Storage

So, here’s the idea

Build the core, add on the plugins

I think a great idea would be for someone to build a core storage system for adding, updating, and retrieving assets using the cloud. Things like SimpleCloud are a good starting place. So, make a quick wrapper around this and support a number of cloud storage things.

Here’s the kicker: write a plugin for each of the three CMS that uses your core library. The plugin is different code - a completely separate tool. It interacts with the actual CMS and then calls methods from your main library. The plugins could have their own individual features too - like ‘migrate existing content.’

Keeping things modular like this allows the core library to keep updating independent of plugins. And, when a new version of the CMS comes out, only one plugin needs to be updated - not the entire suite.

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