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Nov 6, 2012 business ideas
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So I’ve been looking at some parallax plugins with Javascript and CSS3 animations… and it got me to thinking: I have a great idea for a web site design firm.

I would use the parallax feature and have the user scroll down. This could either be the home page or a “how we work” type page.

First frame is zoomed in on a guy’s face that looks like he just had an idea. Text something like: “You’ve got your great idea. Let us build it for you. Scroll down to see how”

Next frame, show background of a diner, and closer focus of a diner table. On the table is a napkin that has sketches of the next design for a website. Across on the table you can see a notebook and someone’s excited hands. text: “first, we brainstorm and make sure we know your vision. Oh, and we love coffee too.”

Next frame shows a designer in front of a photoshop interface mocking up a design for this tool. It should be slightly blurry and slightly desaturated. “Our designers get to work”

Next frame: show the design in still blurry desaturated layout standing by itself against a vague background. Have logos of common services like facebook and twitter appear from the sides and tumble into the design. “Our programmers get to work”

Next frame: the design becomes crisp, properly colored, and a lens flare or a sparkle adorns it very vaguely and quickly. “You get your website” or something like that

2nd last frame: it zooms out to excited hands holding a mobile phone and that design transforms to appears as the mobile view of it. Some text suggests that you can get it on any platform.

Last frame: shows thought guy from first frame with giant smile in front of a huge mansion and a private jet with a shirt with the logo from the design. “With our help, your project makes you a billion dollars*” then have small print “this may be an exaggeration” - or something like this.

At any rate, I’m sure the idea would evolve - but I think this would be a fun use of parallax to demonstrate the process of creating a website in a fun, unique, and potentially funny/quirky way.

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