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Moved to Hugo

Mar 9, 2023 news

I just moved from Jekyll and Github pages to Hugo and Netlify. And made a new design. It’s overall much better - but with a few things to note.

Statement of Work Example

Mar 1, 2023 business

Whether you’re on the side that just landed the big deal - or you’re the business eager to get your project launched - you need to know what a statement of work is. Let’s talk about contracts and statements of work for developers.

Requirements Gathering Questions to Ask

Mar 1, 2023 business

Gathering requirements for a new project can get unwieldy and unorganized pretty easily. It’s easy to get lost or go down a deep rabbit hole. You may be getting excited about the new project’s technical challenges or be blindly following the client’s explanation and description. How do you know you’ve covered everything, though? What if you’re missing vital points?

Idea - Quick API Proxy service

Oct 2, 2022 ideas

I have a long history of sharing ideas on this blog for services/sites/utilities. Here’s the newest one: a very cheap service to proxy API requests that don’t have open CORS requests / require an API key.