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Fix for Mysql Docker Not Running Entrypoint

Apr 3, 2024 docker mysql

When using the Docker MySQL Container, you can specify files in the /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d folder to be imported or ran when the container is brought up. These can be in the form of .sql, .sql.gz or .sh - and get ran after the database is up but before its accepting connections.

But what if you can’t seem to get these to run again? The fix is just so annoyingly simple.

States With Abbreviations in PHP

Mar 27, 2024 php

To whom it may concern… and that person probably is me… here is a list of the 50 US states in array form, nice and easy to copy+paste into your PHP code.

Show Alpine Element After Delay

Mar 27, 2024 javascript

Showing and hiding AlpineJS elements on click or other actions are pretty easy. But what if you just wanted to show the element after a little bit of a delay with no user interaction? We can do that easily!

Laravel Password Reset a Little Better

Mar 27, 2024 laravel security ux

There are a number of tools and packages that help you manage your users and their associated password reset flows available. The Laravel docs also describe a way that you can reset your password in your own controller. Depending on the use case of the application, I end up having to use code like this in some applications when other packages won’t work as drop-ins. But, can we make this example a little better, more secure, easier to read or a better UX? I think so. Let’s go.

Elevator Pitch Website

Feb 14, 2024 ideas

Elevator pitches for startups and products are hard. What if there was an online tool where you could go to practice just that?

Web Components as Decorators

Jan 24, 2024 javascript

I love the idea of web components for using more native and vanilla javascript instead of heavy client libraries. But if you’re not already on this train, it can be difficult to get started. But, I think I found a nice way to bridge the gap - using web components as decorators. Let me show you how.

Logging for Laravel Http Client

Jan 15, 2024 laravel

I’m a huge fan of using the Laravel HTTP Client for requests to third-party APIs. It’s clean and easy, nice for unit testing, and exposes methods for the most common functionality we need when consuming APIs. But one thing has bothered me - how do I log both my request and the API’s response, no matter what, with no special calls. Well, we’re in luck - using some global middleware on the client, we can do just that.

Make Meme Image Generator with IOS Shortcuts

Dec 25, 2023 ios

Sometimes you just want to generate a custom meme image but you don’t want any attribution or to share it publicly like sites like Imgflip do. You can do this easily with an iOS shortcut (likely works on MacOS too). Let’s find out how.