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Feb 14, 2024 ideas

Elevator pitches for startups and products are hard. What if there was an online tool where you could go to practice just that?

This idea is to create something like elevatorpitch.com where people can go and write or record their elevator pitches and then get feedback from them from the community.

But there’s a premium option - you can get a startup familiar to critique your pitch. But not only that, you can get a package where they promise to review and critique up to 3 iterations of your pitch for a fee.

I think this would be a great idea. I think there would be some tough problems with the community being able to review and give responses - because you know there are always going to be people who will post foul stuff. But, when that can get sort of moderated and figured out, I think the targeted nature and the tools available could be something cool.

I think you’d post a pitch and it was word limited. Then visitors would have to register and then they could vote thumbs up thumbs down or ambivalent. After voting, they have the ability to comment and give feedback. The initial comment only is allowed after a rating - but from then on, you can join the comment section.

There could also be a feature that uses AI/ML stuff to read the comments and starts suggesting if you should change your rating based on your comments.

I haven’t found something like this yet - but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But, I think this would be a great idea for a new programmer - one of those answers to ‘but what should I build to learn…’

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