Aaron Saray is a PHP Web Developer

in Milwaukee, WI

Here are some things he has to say:

The Evolution of PHP Programmers

I think around 2015, there was a big splash of good training online for PHP. Frameworks upgraded/changed, helped programmers write better code faster earlier than that. Before that, it was a lot of RTFM. So, before, in the earlier days (maybe somewhat still today), I think PHP developers did this: (more…)

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Run A Single PHPUnit Test Only

Often times, I find myself targeting a single file with PHPUnit by specifying the file after the binary in the command line: (more…)

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Always Keep Learning

The other day, an acquaintance of mine was complaining about never getting ahead in their career. I didn’t really feel like I knew enough about their area of expertise to give any advice - until I heard what they did when they got home. During our conversation, they described their favorite TV shows, how involved they were with the outcomes; basically once they got home, 4 to 5 hours were spent on the couch watching... (more…)

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The Importance of Tracking Work Accomplishments

Answer this question real quick: What was the most impressive thing you did 2 years ago at work? Did you get the proper accolades for it? Or, possibly more important, did you get a performance-based wage increase or some other reward? (more…)


Use Dependency Injection in Laravel Console Commands

It’s important to unit test your application code - even your console commands. So many times, I’ve seen people using the Artisan facade inside of console commands to either queue up new commands or call a different command. This makes it more difficult to unit test the application - you have to rely more on fakery (requiring you to reset your application each time then) and/or integration tests. (more…)

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