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Aug 22, 2012 business ideas
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This idea is to create an idea repository. I started out wanting to make this website - and instead just decided to list my ideas on this blog. But, here goes.

This idea site let’s you submit any idea you have. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website to do this… or wouldn’t it be cool if my car could do that? What if there was a sport that involved this… etc.

Once ideas were created, they would be tagged and voted thumbs up / thumbs down. Users could also choose to ‘own’ an idea implementation and say “I’m doing this” That user would then open up the conversation thread and could keep other idea voters informed of hte progress (if you voted thumbs up on an idea, you could choose to follow if anyone started it). The system would generate routine emails 30,60,90 days out if you didn’t update the idea saying “are you still working on this?

Users would sign in with Facebook or twitter.

Users would gain points for how many ideas they submitted, and for voting on ideas. You would also gain points if your ideas were voted up.

Visitors could browse ideas by seeing what is trending upwards, checking out tags, or seeing the highest/lowest ranked ideas.

For ideas that have already been done, someone could put “this has been done” with a link to where the proof is. The poster would be notified. If it was indeed the right implementation, they could ‘accept’ it - or reject it.

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