Job Trader Website Idea

Nov 8, 2023 ideas

What if you could trade your job with someone else - who wanted your job - and you wanted theirs? Would this be that hard to do? Here’s my idea.

The website could be called something like and become a sort of marketplace for swapping jobs. You would sign up if you wanted a different job and then use the search tools to find another position that fit your needs. Then, a private interview with each other would be set up when matched. This would be more difficult if someone didn’t want your job, though.

During the interview, though, there would have to be an exchange of the good and bad parts of the job. Then, salary and benefit information would openly be shared. Finally, a package created by the website would be introduced to both businesses describing the swap.

This would likely be the same as saying “I quit” - but at least you’d be setting someone up for them to possibly hire in immediately to replace you.

I can see where this would not work - and I don’t see how to monetize it yet. But, it’s an interesting idea and I’d love to see if this exists (I couldn’t find it) and if someone would want to try to build it.

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