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Stop vs Code Wrapping HTML

I already have Prettier and ESLint set up and they handle all of my Javascript code perfectly. But what about when you’re working on just a plain HTML file in VSCode? How do you get it to stop randomly breaking your lines?

CSS Only Display Element After Click

Nov 9, 2023 css html

Whenever I can use plain CSS instead of Javascript to solve a user interface or experience problem, a thousand angels rejoice. Well that, and usually the result is a lot less bytes sent for a faster page load. With this in mind, I had a problem a while ago that I solved using CSS only: showing a form only when a link was clicked to display it. Let’s see how.

Using Github Actions & Pages to Publish Static Pages Based on Dynamic Data

Oct 2, 2021 github html javascript

This article will break down how I use Github Actions and Github Pages to retrieve data from an API, commit the new data to my repo, and have Github pages rebuild and use that data - all on a schedule with no hands-on interaction.

Old School Fancy Resume

Apr 26, 2021 css html

Remember when the biggest way to show off your quality as an applicant was to have a fancy resume? You’d have a heavy paper weight, fancy fonts and in some cases embossing. I decided it might be fun to duplicate that as an HTML/CSS resume.

Coming Up With Your First Portfolio Project (with coding walkthrough)

Dec 23, 2020 business css html javascript

When talking to junior developers, I hear the same question over and over: “how can I demonstrate what I know, or show experience, if I haven’t had any gigs yet?” Old-timers tell you to build a portfolio, but how do you do that? Where do you get ideas? How do you choose a project that’s not overwhelming? Let me explain my rationale as well as demonstrate how I might make my first portfolio project.

Live Reloading HTML Webserver

Historically, I’ve always created virtual boxes with apache environments with vagrant like this or recently a combined docker image like that. But, as I do more front end work as well, I realized these were pretty heavy weight.

Don't P When You TD

Mar 4, 2019 html

Despite the “catchy” title, this is one of my pet-peeves: when developers put a p tag inside of a table like they would use a <tr><td> combo. This is often done when there is a variable amount of values - including zero - listed in a table.

Reminder That Target Blank Links Are Not Safe

Sep 4, 2018 html javascript security

tldr; Remember to use rel="noopener" on target="_blank" links where you do not control the destination.

Error Validating Seconds in HTML5 Time Input?

May 2, 2015 html

Turns out, it’s just another issue of RTFM - but maybe this will save you some headache!

HTML5 Placeholder: Not Always the Best Choice

Nov 2, 2014 html misc-web

One of the applications my team develops is used by a group that we’ve determined to be very much beginners at computer usage and internet comprehension. We attempt to make the product as intuitive as possible - while staying away from the newest trends. I don’t believe our place is to challenge their current notion of what websites do at this time. We stay a bit behind the curve because they need to use this application to solve a task. The task is already hard enough, we shouldn’t be pushing them past their comfort zones.

jQuery code to manage check all / uncheck all checkboxes

Oct 25, 2014 html jquery

At work the other day, our designer created an interface that had multiple checkboxes, and then of course a check-all checkbox. The thought was that if you check the check-all box, all items become checked. When our QA person started testing the interface, I noticed that a child item unchecked let the check all box remain checked. I explained to the programmer and QA person that this was not the desired outcome. As soon as one checkbox is unchecked, the checkall should now be unchecked. In addition, if you check all children by hand, the checkall should automatically check itself.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ONLY Photobooth with Image Download

Jun 11, 2013 css html javascript

So I decided that I wanted to challenge the concepts I know about online photo booths. What are those?

The Very Bad Things That Javascript Can Do: Part 2

Apr 16, 2013 html javascript security

In part 1, I discussed the various arguments I run into about wanting to be overly security conscious with our sites in regard to third party javascript. In this entry, we’ll run through a few scenarios.

Two Column Background Colors Demo

Dec 18, 2012 css html misc-web

I often run across this problem and I have to solve it each time. I finally decided to blog about it.

Conditional Comments - fix blocking

Nov 23, 2010 html misc-web

Ok - so I can’t take any credit for this - but check out this blog post: http://www.phpied.com/conditional-comments-block-downloads/

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

Feb 5, 2010 html

While I continue to look at the semantic web, I can’t help but scratch my head and say “why” about some of these technologies. I feel like its still sadly lacking… with that, let me introduce…

Protect Your Image from Download

Dec 16, 2009 css html misc-web

I came across a great idea dealing with protecting image downloads from the site. Now, this is not fool-proof. There are lots of other ways to download the image, but this may stop the casual downloader. Nope, its not disabling the right click or using java. It requires one single transparent gif. Let’s see how.

Flash of Unstyled Content - in FireFox 3

Apr 28, 2009 css html javascript

So I’ve heard of the Flash of Unstyled Content before - but never really had this problem. I always use a link tag for my stylesheets.

Form Submit: Internet Explorer behaving badly

Apr 14, 2009 html javascript jquery

I just want to make a micro blog here. Just a tiny lil blog.

HTML 5 and Me - Draft 10 Thoughts

Jan 21, 2009 html

I thought I’d ramble on a bit about my thoughts on the HTML5 differences from HTML4 draft from working draft 10 in June 2008. You can find it - or the newest one - here: html5 diff.

Meta Tag Generator

Apr 24, 2008 html

Meta Tag Generator uses javascript to generate the proper format for some common meta tags. This was originally just a proof of concept script that I decided to release.

Update your URL filtering: possible XSS from "Data" URL scheme - Firefox

Mar 18, 2008 html javascript security

In regards to the Data in URL scheme (RFC here), I’ve found an interesting issue with the way firefox handles it which could lead to some XSS I think.

How to make a Great MySpace Layout

Apr 4, 2007 css html misc-web php

In this posting, I’m going to share the steps to making a slimmed down, cleaner, nicer layout for MySpace to help showcase your personal interests, your band, or your business.