Error Validating Seconds in HTML5 Time Input?

May 2, 2015 html
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Turns out, it’s just another issue of RTFM - but maybe this will save you some headache!

I was using a simple HTML5 input of time…

<input type="time" name="the-time">

At first, the user would enter something like “4:00 PM” - which I’d convert to 15:59:59 on the backend. When I reloaded the page, it now reflected “3:59:59 PM” in the input field.

Then, the user would go to edit the time to say… “3:30:00 PM” and they’d get the following error in Chrome:

“Please enter a valid value. The two nearest valid values are…” - that didn’t make any sense to me.

Well, turns out that every number field in html5 spec is using step=1 on the input fields - however, time is using step=60 - as in 60 seconds. (I guess the authors preferred minutes over seconds). The spec clearly defines this - but I guess I just missed that part.

Hopefully it saves you some time too - in the end, this is what I changed my input field to - and it worked!

<input step="1" type="time" name="the-time">
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