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Logging for Laravel Http Client

Jan 15, 2024 laravel

I’m a huge fan of using the Laravel HTTP Client for requests to third-party APIs. It’s clean and easy, nice for unit testing, and exposes methods for the most common functionality we need when consuming APIs. But one thing has bothered me - how do I log both my request and the API’s response, no matter what, with no special calls. Well, we’re in luck - using some global middleware on the client, we can do just that.

Make Meme Image Generator with IOS Shortcuts

Dec 25, 2023 ios

Sometimes you just want to generate a custom meme image but you don’t want any attribution or to share it publicly like sites like Imgflip do. You can do this easily with an iOS shortcut (likely works on MacOS too). Let’s find out how.

Stop vs Code Wrapping HTML

I already have Prettier and ESLint set up and they handle all of my Javascript code perfectly. But what about when you’re working on just a plain HTML file in VSCode? How do you get it to stop randomly breaking your lines?

Run PHP Local Server Like live-server

Nov 19, 2023 macos php scripting

I’m a huge fan of the live-server package for running local HTML servers to test my HTML and Javascript code. What about if you want to run a local PHP server quickly to test something? That’s easy. But I tend to forget the exact command - so I came up with a ZSH-based solution.

CSS Only Display Element After Click

Nov 9, 2023 css html

Whenever I can use plain CSS instead of Javascript to solve a user interface or experience problem, a thousand angels rejoice. Well that, and usually the result is a lot less bytes sent for a faster page load. With this in mind, I had a problem a while ago that I solved using CSS only: showing a form only when a link was clicked to display it. Let’s see how.

Explain WTF

Nov 9, 2023 archived-projects

A couple years ago I was working with a group of great hearted well meaning people who just didn’t know anything about tech. So I decided to create a website where I explained terms to them - but in my typical manner. That was

Job Trader Website Idea

Nov 8, 2023 ideas

What if you could trade your job with someone else - who wanted your job - and you wanted theirs? Would this be that hard to do? Here’s my idea.