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Job Trader Website Idea

Nov 8, 2023 ideas

What if you could trade your job with someone else - who wanted your job - and you wanted theirs? Would this be that hard to do? Here’s my idea.

Obsidian Always Show Markdown Header Level

Jul 25, 2023 css misc-web

I love Obsidian for note taking. But one thing bothers me with its live preview mode: I want to see my heading level, without seeing any other markdown directly. If you’re not using a theme that does this, you can do it with CSS snippets. Let me show you how:

How Do I Find a Programmer?

Jul 17, 2023 business

So you have a great idea. You have some budget. It’s now time to make your vision into a reality. The problem is - you don’t know any programmers. You don’t even know where you’d find one. What can you do?

The answer is so simple… you’re going to kick yourself. Let me explain:

Should We Use a Monorepo?

Jul 1, 2023 programming

A monorepo refers to a single repository in your version control system that holds all of the code for an entire project. That project could be made up of many services, front and back end code, ETLs, etc.

There are many technical arguments for using a monorepo vs a bunch of smaller repos that are more targeted to that functionality. But, one argument is often left out of the discussion.

Hourly Billing Gives You the Worst Results

Jun 12, 2023 business

I don’t do hourly billing (if I can help it) - but most businesses and partners still ask about my hourly rate. Hourly billing is bad. There are so many reasons. But in this article I will just focus on one: you get the worst results with hourly billing. Let’s find out why.

Is a Laravel Blade Component for a Form a Good Idea?

Jun 5, 2023 laravel

The other day I was troubleshooting some code for a form in Laravel that was using a PUT method. Turns out the previous developer had not understood - and I had missed - that the @method override was missing. So I got to thinking - what if we made a form component that handles this for us? Is this a good idea?

Siri Shortcut to Todo List Easier Than Existing Systems

May 30, 2023 ios iot macos

I use Things for my todo list. I like it, but I don’t like the voice control. You have to say “Add I want to buy candy to my things 3” - sometimes you can leave off 3. This works sometimes - but for longer things it’s not great. What’s an alternative? I got one - and it’s way better.