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These blog entries are tagged “wordpress” but I’m not a Wordpress programmer or contractor. I just happen to focus on PHP which is the underlying language in Wordpress.

WordPress Meetup Presentation

Apr 22, 2016 php wordpress

Here is a PDF download of the presentation I made at the Greater Milwaukee Area WordPress Meetup.

WordCamp Milwaukee 2013 Talk + Slides

Jun 11, 2013 wordpress
Had the pleasure of speaking at the 2nd annual Milwaukee WordCamp this last weekend. Just got my Joind.in claimed, and my slides are here.

Speaking at Milwaukee Wordcamp 2013

May 6, 2013 wordpress

As you may or may not be able to tell, I use Wordpress on this website. So, I guess that makes me a fan… (trust me, as a programmer, I’ve always toyed around with writing my own custom blog software just for my domain - but alas, other aspirations always trumped that. Plus, wordpress is perfect for what I need.)

Finished up WordCamp Milwaukee 2012

Jun 3, 2012 misc-web wordpress

Really enjoyed my time at WordCamp Milwaukee 2012. Got to meet a lot of great people. I did a presentation on Secure Wordpress Coding. Feel free to download the slides.

Disable jQuery from Loading in Custom Wordpress Template

May 18, 2010 jquery wordpress

On the rest of my site, I load jQuery from the google cdn. However, wordpress likes to load it from the local cache using wp_enqueue_script(). I didn’t want to delete the jQuery file it was loading because a) that would be wrong, b) it would still have to make a 404 call to the server, and c) the admin section uses it I’m sure.

How I fixed the Javascript error with wp-codebox

Nov 16, 2009 javascript wordpress

I’ve been using the wp-codebox plugin for a while… and an upgrade came today!

Securing Wordpress - what my 'oops' reminded me

Feb 23, 2008 security wordpress

I don’t want to admit it - but I messed up. I didn’t patch wordpress - and I was a victim of one of the released wp exploits. How could you let this happen? you ask. Well, I was lazy. But let this be a lesson to ya - don’t forget - otherwise its a LOT harder to clean it up (it took me roughly 4 hours to fix which included 2 hours of ignoring my friend on the phone…)