Securing Wordpress - what my 'oops' reminded me

Feb 23, 2008 security wordpress
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I don’t want to admit it - but I messed up. I didn’t patch wordpress - and I was a victim of one of the released wp exploits. How could you let this happen? you ask. Well, I was lazy. But let this be a lesson to ya - don’t forget - otherwise its a LOT harder to clean it up (it took me roughly 4 hours to fix which included 2 hours of ignoring my friend on the phone…)

For good measure, I’ll hook you up with some worthwhile links to help you secure your WP:

Main Article about Wordpress Security Tips and Hacks. He links to Three tips to protect your wordpress from matt and also wp designer’s tips on security. Oh and if you’re really gutzy - or lazy - check out the wp scanner - should help you take care of some stuff.

Don’t screw up like I did - lazy isn’t worth it! ;)

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