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Run PHP Local Server Like live-server

Nov 19, 2023 macos php scripting

I’m a huge fan of the live-server package for running local HTML servers to test my HTML and Javascript code. What about if you want to run a local PHP server quickly to test something? That’s easy. But I tend to forget the exact command - so I came up with a ZSH-based solution.

Leave Current Zoom Meeting with Alfred App AppleScript

May 26, 2020 macos scripting

You’ve been there. The Zoom meeting is over and then everyone looks awkward at the bottom corner of the screen as they desperately try to leave. Nikki Glaser will show you what I’m talking about if you don’t know. Now, if you’re using Alfred (like you should be on Mac), you can easily leave the meeting.

Ansible Installation of Postfix with No Prompts

Mar 13, 2015 linux scripting

Using an Ansible configuration, I wanted to use postfix on ubuntu to send out mail. However, I couldn’t seem to figure out exactly how to get it to stop asking for input during the apt-get install postfix process. Turns out, you can use debconf to set the values that are necessary for the install.

USB Chrome Debugging and Local subnet surfing on Android Emulator

Jun 18, 2013 linux mobile scripting

Most of the development I do that needs to be tested on android is on a local subnet. Generally, this is because I am running the servers in virtual machines that mimic the production environment. When I want to test these websites via the android emulator, it would be nice to be able to surf to them locally (without putting them in a public QA environment) - as well as have the ability to use Android Chrome’s USB Debugging.

VMWare Script to Toggle VMWare Workstation start/suspend

May 14, 2013 linux scripting

Normally I have multiple vm’s running for various different projects - all of these are in VMWare Workstation instances I toggle between suspend and started. I decided to create a script and an Ubuntu launcher icon for toggling the vms back and forth.

Block and Allow IP with iptables - simple script

Nov 25, 2009 linux scripting

As most developers are lazy, I’m a huge fan of scripts. I’ve found myself lately having to add entries to iptables to block a single IP or a small subnet, so I made a quick script to make the job easier on myself.

When PHP's dirname() saved the day

Apr 24, 2009 php scripting

Now, I won’t bore you with the actual details of how I came across this - let’s just skip to the explanation and example:

Automatic Backup with SVN on Windows

Sep 12, 2008 scripting svn windows

A while ago, I decided that I needed to have a better backup solution for my file server. After doing some research on various systems, I let my inner programmer take over - in addition to my desire to NEVER LOSE ANYTHING - and I defaulted to use SVN.

Create an RSS feed of comments from myspace

Sep 8, 2007 misc-web php scripting

Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time I spend on stupid sites like myspace (nevermind the fact that the time it took to reduce this amount took me enough time to visit myspace 1x a day for another month – heh). At any rate, I’ve been using Google Reader a lot more (I’m up to 180 or so feeds) and I thought: Why don’t I make an RSS feed o my comments – then I don’t have to go back to the site when someone sends me a comment.

Live Combined Error Reporting for Apache and PHP during Development

So many times during development, I’ve missed little PHP errors because they were 1) on a processing page that was redirected or 2) output inside of a html tag - and rendered invisible.

When your linkd causes you problems, you must convertd it!

Jul 6, 2007 scripting

For the setup I use at (“the triangle”), I have a lot of filesystem links - and these are made on win32 with the linkd.exe command (the version I got is from the windows 2000 resource cd). When I start a new project, I pass into my script which directories I’d like to make and checkout code into, and which I’d rather just linkd to. Well, every once in a while a link’d folder needs to be a real folder. So, since I’m a lazy programmer, I made a script called convertd which will unlink the folder and then make the folder. Chalk one up to efficiency by batch programming? Let’s see: