VMWare Script to Toggle VMWare Workstation start/suspend

May 14, 2013 linux scripting
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Normally I have multiple vm’s running for various different projects - all of these are in VMWare Workstation instances I toggle between suspend and started. I decided to create a script and an Ubuntu launcher icon for toggling the vms back and forth.

First, check out the launcher I used:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=VMWare MyProject Toggle
GenericName=VMWare MyProject Toggle
Comment=Run VMWare

The bash toggle script checks to see if the current VM is running, and then does the appropriate action depending on if it was found or not.


RUNNING=`vmrun list`

if [[ "$RUNNING" == *"$VM"* ]]
  vmrun suspend "$VM" soft
  vmrun start "$VM"

So, when I start my day, all I have to do is type the name of my project and hit enter on the launcher. When the day is done, no need to find the VM’s small X on the tab - I just run the toggle again and its suspended.

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