When your linkd causes you problems, you must convertd it!

Jul 6, 2007 scripting
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For the setup I use at (“the triangle”), I have a lot of filesystem links - and these are made on win32 with the linkd.exe command (the version I got is from the windows 2000 resource cd). When I start a new project, I pass into my script which directories I’d like to make and checkout code into, and which I’d rather just linkd to. Well, every once in a while a link’d folder needs to be a real folder. So, since I’m a lazy programmer, I made a script called convertd which will unlink the folder and then make the folder. Chalk one up to efficiency by batch programming? Let’s see:

Here is the content of my file.

@echo off
REM - Script to remove a linkd and make a directory there instead

if "%1" == "" goto errNoDir
if not exist %1 goto errNotExist

linkd %1 /D
mkdir %1
echo directory made %1
goto end

echo %1 does not exist
goto end

echo A directory is required
goto end


So now, I just run convertd directoryName and I’m golden. Yep, that’s lazy! ;)

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