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Moved to Hugo

Mar 9, 2023 news

I just moved from Jekyll and Github pages to Hugo and Netlify. And made a new design. It’s overall much better - but with a few things to note.

New Blog

Jan 24, 2016 news

So I’ve decided to move my website off of wordpress and on to jekyll - so you might notice it is a bit faster ;)

Slowing Down My Blog Frequency

Oct 16, 2013 news

So a couple years ago, I made a commitment to blog once a week for the foreseeable future. I posted a new entry every Tuesday. I kept to this pretty good. I may have missed two or three Tuesdays over the course of many years. I am proud of my goal, I did what I started out to do.

Presenting at Joomla Day Midwest

Nov 11, 2011 news

Hello all. It’s been quite the long time since I updated my blog. I know, I know, this is a huge problem, considering this is a cardinal sin according to my talk at MKEPUG about getting job offers. That was wrong, I know. However, things have been pretty busy. Let’s see…

Ode to a MySpace Layout

Oct 4, 2008 news
sigh Things change… and so does MySpace. I had once written an article about how to create a great MySpace Layout - but it is somewhat out of date. I’m not sure if there is any interest in an updated article. In case there isn’t, and I decide to just remove it, I have a picture of what the original design of mine was here…

JEMGames Launched

Jun 6, 2008 news
JEMGames has finally joined the 102 Degrees network. JEMGames is an experiment comparing the “successfulness” of a custom programed websites versus off the shelf open source PHP scripts.

Newest Version of 102 Degrees Launched

May 4, 2008 news
To better reflect our business model and offer more services online to our visitors and customers, we’ve redesigned our website. Integration with the downloadable products, open source, technical blog and training materials enriches the website experience. Check out the new website options; all feedback is welcome.

Network Site JEMDiary.com updated

Mar 1, 2007 news
On February 28, 2007, JEMDiary 3.0 was released. Since 2001, JEMDiary has been growing, adding new features and hosting more diaries. To take advantage of the newest technologies as well as give JEMDiary a needed face-lift, 3.0 was launched. Don’t worry - if you had a JEMDiary account before the upgrade, your account is still active and all your entries still remain. Check it out and look at the new features.