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Nov 11, 2011 news
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Hello all. It’s been quite the long time since I updated my blog. I know, I know, this is a huge problem, considering this is a cardinal sin according to my talk at MKEPUG about getting job offers. That was wrong, I know. However, things have been pretty busy. Let’s see…

A) Finished up my presentation for Zend about Zend Filter

B) Studying for the Linux+ exam (While I’m still doing some college classes, I also keep up on my certifications.)

C) Ran over to Madison to do a presentation on PHP Design Patterns.

D) Working with Joel to bring on a new MKEPUG leadership team and working with Steve to help on the Web Design Meetup.

E) … and now, I’m presenting about

Cloud Hosting and SaaS at Joomla Day Midwest.

Update! Presentation can be downloaded: Here (PDF)

Hope to see people out there. Make sure to DM me on Twitter if you want a discount code (Yup, you’d be a super late-bird but still save $25!).

Oh - and make sure you stay tuned. New topics coming out shortly on the blog including:

  • More PHPUnit testing methodologies

  • Leadership for PHP Programmers

  • Filters for Zend Framework

  • Writing good auditing for your applications

  • ACL’s in PHP and Zend Framework

  • Masking Credit Card Information

  • and more!

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