Slowing Down My Blog Frequency

Oct 16, 2013 news
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So a couple years ago, I made a commitment to blog once a week for the foreseeable future. I posted a new entry every Tuesday. I kept to this pretty good. I may have missed two or three Tuesdays over the course of many years. I am proud of my goal, I did what I started out to do.

However, sometimes things have to change. I’ve decided to stop sticking with my rigid schedule for fear of diluting the quality of my content. I’m just having a hard time coming up with new, technical entries so often. I will post when I think of something new or I have something good to say, so you can be sure that the quality will remain consistent, just not as often. I don’t necessarily think of this as cutting my losses, more like catching my breath.

I think it’s important to also focus on all the things that I’m doing currently too. I’m not just being lazy ;)

  • First and foremost, I need to pay more attention to my health and lose weight. I’m going to walk more and track my progress.

  • I need to put more focus on my job as the Web Development Manager at LPi. I have a great team and I need to pay more attention to mentoring them and growing their careers. (How cool are they? Together, we made want ads like this for our web design and web development open positions - at the time.)

  • I still help advise the Milwaukee PHP Users Group - and I’m the sole organizer now of the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup.

  • I’m hoping to gain a spot on the board of directors of a Milwaukee dance company, Dance Circus, a non-profit venture. Currently interviewing and working that out…

  • Starting in October, I’m writing a column called “The Confident Coder” in PHP Architect Magazine. This is a monthly piece about doing the core of PHP the right, accurate, confident way (no bugs! woot!).

  • Speaking of exercise, I’ve got to spend more time with my lil boxer puppy (well now she’s 2ish…) Lilly.

  • I’m also still in the process of working on a book - 33 Things I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me - taking this leisurely but I’d like to get this done sooner than later now…

  • Anything Digital and I partnering up for a new Joomla extension. Look forward to making something for this group of great people.

So yeah, I’m pretty busy. I’ll try to keep the updates here coming, though.

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