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These entries are tagged “jQuery” and before you turn up your nose at it, there are tons of jQuery projects still in use. You can find tips and tricks for jQuery library code here.

Stop fast taps acting like double-tap-to-zoom

Jul 21, 2015 javascript jquery mobile

I have been making a number pad on a webpage for mobile browsers - and one problem I kept running into is double tap to zoom’ing when I didn’t want it.

One-time Scrolling Banner with jQuery

Jun 29, 2015 jquery

I’m not gonna lie - I was really trying to figure out how to put more keywords onto the home page of my company, 201 Creative, besides just the trademark: “Let’s make software simple.” So, I messed around with making a rotating banner on the home page that alternated through words that described the concept. However, I found it annoying and eventually gave up on the idea. I didn’t want to just delete it, though, because it was really light-weight and did something I didn’t really see anywhere else.

Keep user's scroll position in scrollable div

Jun 23, 2015 javascript jquery

The other day I was faced with an issue that I need to be able to keep the scroll position of a user in a overflow-y scrollable div. Turns out - with a combination of javascript and local storage, this is pretty easy.

PHP PDF Viewer - Convert to Images and use HTML/JS

May 4, 2015 javascript jquery php

Well - I really couldn’t think of a good title - it’s really not catchy at all.

jQuery code to manage check all / uncheck all checkboxes

Oct 25, 2014 html jquery

At work the other day, our designer created an interface that had multiple checkboxes, and then of course a check-all checkbox. The thought was that if you check the check-all box, all items become checked. When our QA person started testing the interface, I noticed that a child item unchecked let the check all box remain checked. I explained to the programmer and QA person that this was not the desired outcome. As soon as one checkbox is unchecked, the checkall should now be unchecked. In addition, if you check all children by hand, the checkall should automatically check itself.

Zend Framework 1 and jQuery Validate Plugin: how to create password/confirm easily in Zend_Form

Jul 16, 2013 jquery zend-framework

Perhaps this trend is going away, but it used to be a “good thing” to make people validate their passwords. I did all kinds of silly things in Zend Framework Form and jQuery Validate plugin at first - but then I finally settled on a good solution. It’s quite simple actually…

jQuery Validator: Twitter username validator

Aug 7, 2012 javascript jquery

If you use the jQuery Validation plugin, and of course, you follow an amazing PHP Programmer and now have twitter boxes on all your forms, you might need to validate it some day. I wrote this method for it.

jQuery form plugin does not submit submit buttons named submit

Feb 22, 2011 javascript jquery

… in Google Chrome. Yep.

jQuery Mobile Presentation from Milwaukee Web Design Meetup

Jan 15, 2011 jquery
I presented at the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup on Dec 7th, 2010. Just got around to posting my Slides for jQuery Mobile Introduction by Aaron Saray

jQuery Validation - greedy on your forms?

Dec 28, 2010 javascript jquery

I was creating a page with two forms on it. I ran into an issue where I would fill out one form, and it would fail validation. Then, I tried to do the other form with passing fields, and it would keep invalidating the previous form on the same page.

jQuery show password toggle

Oct 19, 2010 javascript jquery

More and more people are requesting that their passwords not be masked - or that they have the option to toggle them. If the visitor is using Firefox, this has been a relatively easy feat. Simply add a checkbox and change the input type on click. However, in “secure” browsers like IE, yes the security of Internet Explorer, won’t allow you to do this.

How to handle AJAX errors with jQuery

Aug 24, 2010 ajax jquery

Many times, the error property of the jQuery AJAX call is ignored. Most often, you’ll see just references to the success portion.

Using Google Charts to make QR Codes

Jul 13, 2010 javascript jquery misc-web

Google Charts is my hero yet again. This time, I happened to notice that they have a chart in their API for QR Codes. Considering I was just searching google for a PHP class to do this, I was pretty ecstatic.

Disable jQuery from Loading in Custom Wordpress Template

May 18, 2010 jquery wordpress

On the rest of my site, I load jQuery from the google cdn. However, wordpress likes to load it from the local cache using wp_enqueue_script(). I didn’t want to delete the jQuery file it was loading because a) that would be wrong, b) it would still have to make a 404 call to the server, and c) the admin section uses it I’m sure.

IE6 warning on site

Apr 22, 2010 jquery misc-web

So I got permission at the beginning of March to add an Internet Explorer 6 deprecation message to one of the sites I’m working on.

Fixing c:\fakepath in filestyle jquery plugin

Mar 26, 2010 javascript jquery

The other day I ran across an issue with the FileStyle jquery plugin. Whenever a new file was chosen, windows and Internet Explorer would put c:\fakepath\ before the filename. Turns out its not FileStyle’s issue - but a security feature of Internet Explorer.

Auto Failover for CDN based Javascript

Dec 1, 2009 javascript jquery misc-web

Using my javascript error reporter code helps me get a better understanding of what my clients are experiencing when visiting my website. One thing I did notice was the failures from time to time of Google’s CDN based jQuery.

JfbConsole - chainable Firebug Console jQuery plugin

Nov 13, 2009 javascript jquery

I find myself wanting to document various different attributes mid development on my jquery code. I have created the following function to help use FireBug’s console access code effectively in the jQuery fashion.

Form Submit: Internet Explorer behaving badly

Apr 14, 2009 html javascript jquery

I just want to make a micro blog here. Just a tiny lil blog.