Stop fast taps acting like double-tap-to-zoom

Jul 21, 2015 javascript jquery mobile
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I have been making a number pad on a webpage for mobile browsers - and one problem I kept running into is double tap to zoom’ing when I didn’t want it.

So, basically, people were typing too fast on the screen’s number buttons - and that would execute a zoom. Turns out, with a little bit of jQuery, you can get rid of this annoying problem.

$(body).on('touchend', '.number-keys', function(e) {

Here, you just watch for touch-end on the body, limit that to your number-keys (or any selector you want), and prevent the touch end - and instead issue a click. That way it’ll work like a standard tap and not a double-tap and zoom.

Keep in mind, it’s probably best practice to only disable this on areas that need it - not the entire body - because then you’re removing some of the usability of your page.

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