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Using Github Public Api for Random User Retrieval

Let’s say you have a domain you’re not going to use anymore that has to do with web development. What should you do with it? Obviously write some JS to redirect that domain to a random Github user’s profile, right? Let me show you how.

Backup All Your Github Repos Script

Jan 17, 2022 github nodejs

I had a nightmare that someone had access to my Github account and was deleting every repo I had before my eyes. I couldn’t figure out how to stop them and invalidate the proper token. I woke up and decided that I am not ok with this one point-of-failure of my historical work. So I wrote a script to back it up.

Using Github Actions & Pages to Publish Static Pages Based on Dynamic Data

Oct 2, 2021 github html javascript

This article will break down how I use Github Actions and Github Pages to retrieve data from an API, commit the new data to my repo, and have Github pages rebuild and use that data - all on a schedule with no hands-on interaction.