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How desktop.ini saved me from myself

Oct 7, 2008 windows

When working at “the triangle” we used junction points on windows to link to repositories that we needed to run the code base - but weren’t necessary for the project. (see creating junction points on windows with linkd.exe.)

Automatic Backup with SVN on Windows

Sep 12, 2008 scripting svn windows

A while ago, I decided that I needed to have a better backup solution for my file server. After doing some research on various systems, I let my inner programmer take over - in addition to my desire to NEVER LOSE ANYTHING - and I defaulted to use SVN.

Convert from VMWare Player to VMWare Server

At superdev, we have a distribution of a gentoo image made with vmware workstation. This works fine in vmware player - but not the free vmware server - and I wanted to have vmware server running so I could have more than one server running on my windows laptop. Well, there are two small simple edits I had to do - and it was all good.

Dig for Windows

May 30, 2008 windows

For those of us who develop on windows, we can sometimes feel linux tool envy. One particular tool is the dig command. Well, luckily, you can get this to run on windows easily:

XDebug and Eclipse PDT on Windows - From Start to Finish

XDebug and Eclipse PDT on Windows - From Start to Finish

Use MySQL Gui tools to securely connect to remote database

This particular example is going to be based on a connection from Windows XP using Putty, MySQL GUI tools and Dreamhost.

Add Event Viewer to My Computer Right-Click

Sep 20, 2007 windows

Just wanted to note this awesome registry change that you could apply to get a right-click menu on my computer that allows direct access to the event viewer in windows xp.

Force Log Messages using Tortoise SVN

Jul 25, 2007 svn windows

Everyone knows that standard SVN has its list of 6 or 8 standard hooks - but what if you’re 1) lazy, 2) busy, 3) don’t have access to the SVN server? Using one of the popular win32 shell integrated svn clients, TortoiseSVN, we can still force commit log messages easily:

Symbolic Linking in Windows?

Jul 22, 2007 windows
Be careful! Those of you who are trying to emulate a symbolic link in windows have probably come across the Windows Resource Kit tool linkd.exe. This creates junction points on the file system. However, before you have to find out the hard way, here’s my reminder… junction points are more akin to hardlinks than symbolic links: if you delete a junction point, it deletes the target as well!

Execute Windows Commands from PHP without blocking

Jul 21, 2007 php windows

When researching for my live error reporting posting, I tried running some exec and passthru command tests by starting up calc.exe. While they executed the command correctly, I got some weird results in my script … which I suppose now make sense. Let’s see how we can start programs in Windows, and not run into the same issues that I did.

Send e-mail from outlook using PHP

Jul 6, 2007 php windows

While working on some code at (“the triangle”), I run into some issues with the mail() function. On our linux qa and production servers, we can use the mail() function no problem - but on my development platform, windowsxp, I cannot with our current configuration.