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These blog entries are tagged “mysql” after the MySQL database. However, they’re likely somewhat interchangeable with the content in the SQL tag and are often grouped together.

Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP By clause

Aug 3, 2019 mysql

This MySQL error isn’t as hard as you might think to solve. Let’s find out why it’s happening and what we can do to fix it.

Truncate MySQL Causes Implicit Commit

Feb 18, 2019 laravel mysql

I guess I should RTFM more often… but I didn’t remember (or know??) that MySQL truncate table causes an implicit commit.

Keep Data Migrations Separate from Database Migration

Jan 7, 2019 laravel mysql php

By now, you’ve probably written many database migrations in Laravel. But, then something else happens. Perhaps your business model changed, your data attributes changed or you’re just refactoring to a stronger architecture. Doesn’t matter which, you’re going to need to convert and migrate some data.

Quick Local Network Scanner for Default MySQL Installs

Nov 11, 2018 mysql nodejs security

The other day I was at a coffee shop and I looked around at all the Mac’s open. It used to be that you’d see people writing manuscripts at coffee houses. Surprisingly, this place held a lot of programmers. I suddenly thought of something interesting:

Tools You Need for Measuring Everything and Anything

Sep 18, 2018 misc-web mysql php programming

Measurement is important. Metrics, while not sexy, are concrete to a good business strategy. When you bring a problem to your superiors, they’re going to want to know what is your measurement, what metrics did you use to determine this is a problem. With tasks I’ve given developers, I’ve always said “show me the metrics that your fix is better” versus just looking at the code.

Testing MySQL User Info Passwords

Aug 20, 2013 mysql security

Out of some sheer boredom, I started looking at the top 25 used passwords (from articles here and here).

MySQL Explain rows column really IS an estimate

Jul 23, 2013 mysql

Here is an interesting proof of concept that the ‘rows’ column of the explain output is actually an estimate, and not the real amount. I KNEW it to be true, but somehow I didn’t feel like it was right. I always thought “the closer the rows # gets to the exact amount of retrieved data, the better. Exact is what you strive for.” Turns out, that’s not true. The closer the number, the better, but its still just an estimation. Sometimes its estimated accurately, other times its not. See this example:

Split Read/Write Connections in Zend Framework Database on the Application Level

Jan 24, 2012 mysql zend-framework

I’m no sys admin, so I can’t be sure, but I’ve seen lots of issues with using things like MySQL Proxy to fully separate the write and read queries in an application. Maybe it works, I don’t know… but I do know that if I can separate the connections in my code, that saves my Admin time… it doesn’t appear to give that much of a hit to performance either! Do keep in mind that this is only working at the table level in Zend Framework. If you use their database system, this should do the trick. If you do a lot of getting the adapter yourself, this won’t help you at all!

Using MySQL Bit Field as a Flag Field: Not a Good Idea

May 10, 2011 mysql

The last time I created a char(1) for a flag field, I remembered the MySQL BIT field - so I did a bit of investigation. I thought, well if I can make a bit field of one bit that is either 0/1, I can save data space in my db.

How about profiling your mysql queries... later?

Feb 19, 2010 mysql

So the other night I was thinking about using xdebug on my PHP code. I then totally had a brain explosion: I’m always forgetting to profile my MySQL queries. explain is a great command for this. However, as the lazy programmer I am, I don’t know if I’m always going to do this on all of my queries. In an attempt to save myself time, I started brainstorming an idea.

Exploring MySQL in Eclipse PDT

As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of Eclipse PDT. Well, I wanted to stop using MySQL GUI tools for a bit and explore Eclipse tools.

Display unix timestamp in a date format in MySQL

Aug 30, 2009 mysql

Every once in a while, I forget about the built in awesomeness of MySQL. Today, I was looking at a unix timestamp from PHP in one of the fields and was wondering what that date was. Derr, use from_unixtime function!

Quick Reference: Simple MySQL Performance Monitoring

Apr 7, 2009 mysql

There are a few quick ways to monitor MySQL performance. This isn’t much of an in-depth reference, just a quick reminder. Let’s look:

PHP Bitwise User Authorization

Jan 27, 2009 mysql php

After looking at the Windows model for controlling file access, I realized I could also do that for user authorization control.

PDO - can you handle identical prepared statements?

Dec 1, 2008 mysql php

I’ve been wondering if I should be concerned about re-preparing a prepared statement when using PDO. Right now, I use code like this when preparing a statement: