PDO - can you handle identical prepared statements?

Dec 1, 2008 mysql php
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I’ve been wondering if I should be concerned about re-preparing a prepared statement when using PDO. Right now, I use code like this when preparing a statement:

public function prep($statement)
  if ($statement != $this->_lastPrepared) {
     * Store our clear text statement, and then our object
    $this->_lastPrepared = $statement;
    $this->_ps = $this->db->prepare($statement);

I end up storing the last statement and do a quick compare. My concern comes from MySQL’s admission of this: “If a prepared statement with the given name already exists, it is deallocated implicitly before the new statement is prepared.”

So, not knowing the internal workings of PDO, I wonder how they handle it. Do they…

  • Create each prepared statement with the same name, causing them to be deallocated each time

  • Create each one with a random name, so that there are never any deallocations unless you unset the statement?

Anyone have any insight?

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