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No, this page isn’t about making you feel bad about yourself or your choices. These entries are tagged “mockery” after the Mockery PHP test mocking library.

Better failing tests with Mockery::on()

Oct 15, 2018 mockery php testing

In an earlier post titled Use $this->fail() with Mockery::on(), I explained the challenges of debugging a failing test with the closure passed to Mockery::on(). Instead of returning false, I opted to use $this->fail() - which seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, I was doing my test, then failing with a useful bit of information. (Previous to this, it would just say that you don’t have a matching handler for this assertion, which was really confusing).

Use the $this->fail() method with Mockery::on()

Jun 11, 2017 mockery php testing

When you have a more complex assertion you need to make on the parameters of a mocked object, you might use the Mockery::on() method. It can be hard to tell how this fails, though, because if the assertion fails somewhere, the message is confusing - it basically says that there was no matching call to that method, which is technically correct.