Better failing tests with Mockery::on()

Oct 15, 2018 mockery php testing
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In an earlier post titled Use $this->fail() with Mockery::on(), I explained the challenges of debugging a failing test with the closure passed to Mockery::on(). Instead of returning false, I opted to use $this->fail() - which seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, I was doing my test, then failing with a useful bit of information. (Previous to this, it would just say that you don’t have a matching handler for this assertion, which was really confusing).

Then it hit me: I’m reinventing the wheel. Listen to what I said: I’m testing something, then calling a failure method. That sounds like a lot like assertion to me. Duh! Let’s use the previous example:

  ->with(\Mockery::on(function($parameter) {
    $valid = false;
    if (
      ($parameter instanceof SomeClass)
      ($parameter->getProperty() == 12)
    ) {
      $valid = true;
    return $valid;

You can read about our expectations in the earlier blog posting - but let’s refactor this using assertions now.

  ->with(\Mockery::on(function($parameter) {
    $this->assertInstanceOf(SomeClass::class, $parameter);
    $this->assertEquals(12, $parameter->getProperty());
    return true;

This is so much better and it still gives us good errors when it fails.

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