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Stop fast taps acting like double-tap-to-zoom

Jul 21, 2015 javascript jquery mobile

I have been making a number pad on a webpage for mobile browsers - and one problem I kept running into is double tap to zoom’ing when I didn’t want it.

OS X Yosemite Android Studio Android SDK location

Apr 8, 2015 mobile

No long rambling here. Just can’t believe it took me this long to find this. Seriously, all the documentation I found was wrong.

Android Emulation - in VirtualBox - 400% faster!

Nov 25, 2014 mobile

I’ve been working with my QA department to determine a faster, better way to test our pages in android browsers. The android emulator just seems to take a long time to load, to render pages, and is clunky to use. (True, I may not have learned about all of the options in the emulator, and I may be able to squeak a little bit of performance out of it.)

USB Chrome Debugging and Local subnet surfing on Android Emulator

Jun 18, 2013 linux mobile scripting

Most of the development I do that needs to be tested on android is on a local subnet. Generally, this is because I am running the servers in virtual machines that mimic the production environment. When I want to test these websites via the android emulator, it would be nice to be able to surf to them locally (without putting them in a public QA environment) - as well as have the ability to use Android Chrome’s USB Debugging.

Dialing Phone Numbers from a Webpage

Jan 19, 2009 mobile

I’ve recently been investigating making some better mobile accessible pages for some of my projects. I’ve seen pages that allow you to dial a phone number directly from the webpage - so I thought I’d investigate…