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These entries are tagged “MacOS” which means they have something to do with the Mac operating system. This won’t be a section where you’ll find in-depth knowledge or mac-only programming, however. Sorry!

Run PHP Local Server Like live-server

Nov 19, 2023 macos php scripting

I’m a huge fan of the live-server package for running local HTML servers to test my HTML and Javascript code. What about if you want to run a local PHP server quickly to test something? That’s easy. But I tend to forget the exact command - so I came up with a ZSH-based solution.

Siri Shortcut to Todo List Easier Than Existing Systems

May 30, 2023 ios iot macos

I use Things for my todo list. I like it, but I don’t like the voice control. You have to say “Add I want to buy candy to my things 3” - sometimes you can leave off 3. This works sometimes - but for longer things it’s not great. What’s an alternative? I got one - and it’s way better.

Run Plan 9 in VMWare Fusion (on Mac)

Sep 26, 2020 macos

If you’re not familiar with Plan 9 from Bell Labs, its about time you did. Plan 9 is one of the first GUI operating systems, the precursor to most of the experiences that we now take for granted. I knew a bit about it, but I wanted to actually use it. And, not having a computer laying around from the 1980s anymore, the next best thing was a virtual machine.

Leave Current Zoom Meeting with Alfred App AppleScript

May 26, 2020 macos scripting

You’ve been there. The Zoom meeting is over and then everyone looks awkward at the bottom corner of the screen as they desperately try to leave. Nikki Glaser will show you what I’m talking about if you don’t know. Now, if you’re using Alfred (like you should be on Mac), you can easily leave the meeting.

Tell Shimo VPN to Connect with Applescript

Feb 25, 2019 macos

For some clients, I have to VPN before I can push to their git repositories. I’ve been using a few VPN clients, but I finally settled on one. I’m a huge fan of Shimo but one thing that bothered me was that I still had to click and remember to be on VPN when I wanted to push my changes.

Get All iMessage Attachments

Jun 4, 2018 macos php

The other day I was looking for an image from one of my iMessage chats. When you browse through the attachments on the iPhone, it takes forever to scroll through them. At one point, I kept having the iMessage app crash as well (I think I was maybe 400 or 500 images into the history). Turns out, if you have your iMessage and iCloud accounts configured properly on your Mac, you’ll have duplicate copies of all the attachments (for at least the messages you haven’t deleted) on your Mac as well.