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These entries are tagged “Jekyll” after the tool that is used to build many blogs (and many Github pages). Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby.

SPA No Framework, API No Database

Jun 3, 2019 javascript jekyll php

The average webpage seems to contain tons of bloat and increase in size - and this is no good. I decided that I wanted to create a proof-of-concept website that would act like a single page application that didn’t require a framework like Vue or React. I only need to support the latest evergreen browsers.

Jekyll Mark Old Posts

May 31, 2016 jekyll

With technology changing so rapidly and people in such a big hurry, sometimes older suggestions or out of date recommendations are the first things that programmers run into. You know you’ve fallen for it - a quick google search and you get your first result and you give it a shot; never mind that it’s a blog entry from 7 years ago.