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Rewrite or Redirect URL with Apache

Nov 23, 2020 apache misc-web

This is an article that originally appeared on RedirectURL, a site I built a while ago. Find out the history of that site here

Apache’s mod_rewrite module can create redirects with the proper configuration. Let’s dig in.

Quick performance test with apache's ab

Mar 12, 2013 apache performance

In a break from my normal type of tutorial, I just want to give a real quick overview and highlight of a fictitious “case study” to demonstrate the importance of load testing your application with apache’s ab tool.

Mod Rewrite to index.php file, the easy way

Dec 27, 2011 apache

How many of you have written this before (or something very much like it):

To WWW or not to WWW

I run into this question a lot. Should my website have www in the domain name. Should I be going to aaronsaray.com or www.aaronsaray.com?? That is to say, which should be the default home page domain? Let’s discuss…

Removing WWW - just not for SEO

Sep 29, 2010 apache

I used to think that I had to remove the WWW from my URL’s to stop having duplicate content. For example, if my website The Better Bachelor were to respond at both www.thebetterbachelor.com and thebetterbachelor.com, it used to be thought that this duplicate content would lower your search result quality. This would result in duplicate content.

Using ApacheTop with Cronolog

Jun 1, 2010 apache

I love ApacheTop. I love Cronolog. After I installed cronolog and used it in my apache configuration, however, I found it more and more difficult to use apachetop. I stopped using it. Well, I finally came up with a bash script that eases my frustration with calling the proper path names for apachetop. Check it out:

mod_unique_id Error After Installing mod_security

Nov 5, 2009 apache

After installing my mod_security module for apache, I could not restart my apache server.

Eclipse PDT: Integrating Apache Bench for load testing

When I use an IDE, I expect for it to do everything I need for my project, from start to finish. As you may have read in earlier entries, I enjoy using Eclipse PDT. I think its time to include load testing into my arsenal of tools inside of eclipse. I’m going to focus on apache’s AB for this article.

Cross Domain AJAX - A quick anatomy of a mashup

So after searching the Internet for some cross domain AJAX stuff, I noticed two interesting articles. The first was the specifics of writing these queries (located here). Then, the next gave a breakdown of how this might be useful in a mash-up collaborative sense (here).

Pass PHP session to a new script using fsockopen

Sep 6, 2007 apache php

I was working on a script that opened up a new connection to the same server with fsockopen to process a php script. It passed the variables needed through GET and then gathered the output. Finally, it displayed the output on the screen under the current context.

Live Combined Error Reporting for Apache and PHP during Development

So many times during development, I’ve missed little PHP errors because they were 1) on a processing page that was redirected or 2) output inside of a html tag - and rendered invisible.

Security Issue with Subversion Deployment?

Jul 5, 2007 apache svn

I use Subversion (SVN) for source control and deployment both for JEMDiary and at (“the triangle”). While working on my local copy of one of the websites, I got to thinking about the .svn folder and all of its files. The .svn folder is a local cache/db of the file changes in order to support diffs, reverts, and to give cues about file changes and the need to commit. I started poking around inside of the folder - and discovered the text-base folder. Inside of there, every one of my recently changed files were in there with an extension of .svn-base. Could this be a security issue - was I showing my code to the whole world? Let’s figure this out: