Entries with the tag “zabbix”

These blog entries are tagged “zabbix” because they are about the Zabbix Network Monitoring service. I guess I have a special place in my heart for this because of their extensive use of PHP.

Website Up Web Scenario Template for Zabbix

Oct 10, 2020 zabbix

I was pretty excited that Zabbix 5.0 LTS came out, so I decided to redo my whole install. One of the main reasons I use Zabbix is to monitor website homepage up or down status. This time, I decided to make a template. Below I’ll detail how and what I did so you can make your own template for your own websites.

How to make a Zabbix Test Notification

Feb 13, 2020 zabbix

A big challenge when setting up a new Zabbix installation is “how do I test my media+action+notification+trigger” setup? I’ve come up with a pretty easy way to do this that doesn’t require butchering your server or messing with it’s historical data.