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Tweeting Blogs with Hashtags Automatically with IFTTT Pro

Nov 10, 2020 javascript twitter

I’ve been trying to balance automation with interaction with my social media broadcasting. I want to automatically tweet new blog entries, yet I want to target hashtag trends. Luckily IFTTT Pro has launched and can help us do this.

Twitter @anywhere proof of concepts

May 13, 2010 javascript twitter

First off, let me just remind you to not be an idiot like I was. I simply found the documentation here and here and went to town. After hours of trying to figure out exactly what was going on, I stumbled across some very interesting comments in the news group: The @anywhere api is not in chirp_preview anymore - but it’s not done either. So some of the stuff won’t work - and that wasn’t my fault! Dang!

Branding your Tweets using @anywhere tweetbox

May 4, 2010 javascript twitter

With Twitter’s new @anywhere features, it’s now possible to brand your tweets from your own web page. While I still like using Tweetdeck or Seesmic for my actual interaction on twitter, I have started tweeting a bit from my own web page as well.

Twitter Live Search Updates Page

Nov 9, 2009 javascript twitter

I decided it would be kind of cool to make a page that combined a bunch of twitter hash tags or just tweets in general. Here are the details…