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SVN Pre-commit duty: Lint your PHP

Sep 21, 2008 php svn

We’ve all been there before, committing code - and then realizing that it was broken (hrm - our unit test didn’t catch it? or… “what unit test?” if you’re in another environment). Well, there is a solution.

Automatic Backup with SVN on Windows

Sep 12, 2008 scripting svn windows

A while ago, I decided that I needed to have a better backup solution for my file server. After doing some research on various systems, I let my inner programmer take over - in addition to my desire to NEVER LOSE ANYTHING - and I defaulted to use SVN.

Force Log Messages using Tortoise SVN

Jul 25, 2007 svn windows

Everyone knows that standard SVN has its list of 6 or 8 standard hooks - but what if you’re 1) lazy, 2) busy, 3) don’t have access to the SVN server? Using one of the popular win32 shell integrated svn clients, TortoiseSVN, we can still force commit log messages easily:

Two New useful external tools for Eclipse

In my posting about Integrating PHPDocumentor into Eclipse, I touched on External Tools a bit. The combination of external batch files, the external tools extra options and the console has made my life easier. I’m using two new additional batch files that I’ve written myself and integrated as external tools. These include automated SVN release update and resource refresh and Apache application control (for those who can’t run apache as a service on w32):

Eclipse Integration with Tortoise SVN

I generally don’t like to be tied to a specific IDE when developing. Additionally, I like to have my choice in using tools to manage my source control (tortoisesvn, svn command line, etc). I just think this is the open-source way - it seems to be just a more free-spirited way of developing and managing projects. With this in mind, I’ve been looking for ways to integrate my SVN into my current IDE (Eclipse PDT) but not limit myself from accessing my SVN repositories from the file system. I’ve found a great plugin to help with this - so let’s go over the specifics:

Security Issue with Subversion Deployment?

Jul 5, 2007 apache svn

I use Subversion (SVN) for source control and deployment both for JEMDiary and at (“the triangle”). While working on my local copy of one of the websites, I got to thinking about the .svn folder and all of its files. The .svn folder is a local cache/db of the file changes in order to support diffs, reverts, and to give cues about file changes and the need to commit. I started poking around inside of the folder - and discovered the text-base folder. Inside of there, every one of my recently changed files were in there with an extension of .svn-base. Could this be a security issue - was I showing my code to the whole world? Let’s figure this out: