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Use PHPDoc in Laravel Blade files for autocomplete in PHPStorm

Oct 25, 2022 laravel php phpstorm

I love PHPStorm, but it can only do so much. Even with plugins like Laravel Idea, you may still have some missing features. One that I wish I had was autocomplete of models from collections or paginators in blade files. Well, turns out there’s an easy enough way to add this functionality for yourself.

Highlight Laravel Logs in PHPStorm

Jan 12, 2022 laravel phpstorm

I’d like to say I don’t ever have tons of error logs in my Laravel projects - but, sometimes it happens. With a sea of text, how can you see what you need to see easily? Enter JetBrain’s idealog plugin in PHPStorm.

PHPStorm File Watcher for Immediate Error Log Alerts

Jul 5, 2017 php phpstorm

When PHP errors happen, often times there is an error log. This might be in the PHP error log itself or in a log file. For example, in one of my Laravel projects, I have two log files, one for errors and one for info or debug level information.

Export Git Project

Jun 21, 2016 git phpstorm

I manage any WordPress plugins I create using git. In order to create a distribution of those, I need to zip up the source code and use that to upload to the marketplace (or directly upload). This was easy with SVN - I just used an svn export command and there we go.

Documentation Tools for PHPStorm

May 19, 2015 phpstorm

I like when projects have documentation, yet I hate writing it. That’s why I rely on phpDocumentor to do most of my documentation for my project. Recently, I’ve also discovered a new tool for documenting my API: ApiDoc. I’ve also been relying heavily on vagrant for my projects.

A couple cool features of PHPStorm 5

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve recently moved to PHPStorm. I’ve done a little bit of configuration and I plan to start using it more now. Here are a few things I really like:

PHPStorm: My new editor

We’ve just migrated to the PHPStorm IDE in my team. Commercial licenses are $200, personal are $100. I believe that the investment was well worth it. If you’ve been following my entries, you know I have a love affair with Eclipse PDT. It has been hard for an open source programmer like myself to want to buy software. But, we did it.