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Backup All Your Github Repos Script

Jan 17, 2022 github nodejs

I had a nightmare that someone had access to my Github account and was deleting every repo I had before my eyes. I couldn’t figure out how to stop them and invalidate the proper token. I woke up and decided that I am not ok with this one point-of-failure of my historical work. So I wrote a script to back it up.

Run NPM in Docker

Dec 30, 2019 docker javascript nodejs

For the most part, I’ve containerized all of my dependencies inside of my Laravel projects. But, one thing was missing: npm.

Quick Local Network Scanner for Default MySQL Installs

Nov 11, 2018 mysql nodejs security

The other day I was at a coffee shop and I looked around at all the Mac’s open. It used to be that you’d see people writing manuscripts at coffee houses. Surprisingly, this place held a lot of programmers. I suddenly thought of something interesting:

Be Explicit with Your JS Function Parameters

Aug 4, 2018 javascript nodejs react

During a code review, a coworker showed me a piece of code for a stateless React component that was similar to this: