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These entries are tagged “iot” which stands for the Internet of Things. Tips for home automation and security are found in these entries.

Siri Shortcut to Todo List Easier Than Existing Systems

May 30, 2023 ios iot macos

I use Things for my todo list. I like it, but I don’t like the voice control. You have to say “Add I want to buy candy to my things 3” - sometimes you can leave off 3. This works sometimes - but for longer things it’s not great. What’s an alternative? I got one - and it’s way better.

Homebridge Homekit Notify if Garage Open Too Long

Apr 5, 2021 iot

With a combination of Homebridge, a plugin, Pushover, and a Homekit compatible garage door opener, I can now receive notifications if my garage door was left open too long. Let’s dive into how…

Homekit Notify If Door Open Too Long

Oct 12, 2020 iot

I’ve finally come up with a couple of solutions to get a notification if a door has been open too long in my house. In Homekit, the automations are extended with Shortcuts, and that’s what we’ll use.