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Make Meme Image Generator with IOS Shortcuts

Dec 25, 2023 ios

Sometimes you just want to generate a custom meme image but you don’t want any attribution or to share it publicly like sites like Imgflip do. You can do this easily with an iOS shortcut (likely works on MacOS too). Let’s find out how.

Siri Shortcut to Todo List Easier Than Existing Systems

May 30, 2023 ios iot macos

I use Things for my todo list. I like it, but I don’t like the voice control. You have to say “Add I want to buy candy to my things 3” - sometimes you can leave off 3. This works sometimes - but for longer things it’s not great. What’s an alternative? I got one - and it’s way better.

One-Tap Track Weight Daily in iOS Without an App

Nov 14, 2022 ios

You don’t need to install another app with more bloated requirements to track your weight daily in the Apple health app. You can do this with iOS Shortcuts. Here’s how:

Disable PiHole from iPhone 1-click

Jun 7, 2021 ios

If you’re running PiHole as your DNS, you might run into situations where you want to disable it quickly. By making a shortcut on my iPhone, I can quickly disable (or re-enable) PiHole. Let me show you how.

Get a Motivational Message You Set on iPhone to Wake Up

Nov 30, 2020 ios

With the Shortcuts app on your iOS device, it’s easy to create a motivational message for after your alarm.