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These entries are tagged “composer” which is a PHP package manager.

How to Install a Composer package from a local zip

Nov 8, 2021 composer laravel php

I use Laravel Nova in a lot of my projects, but I’ve never liked the idea of storing the files in a local directory after download. Yes, you can use credentials for a Composer-based install, true, but I wanted something that didn’t require that. Turns out you can install packages like Laravel Nova from a zip file locally. Here’s how.

What Version of Laravel is This?

Apr 29, 2019 composer laravel php

There are tons of ways to answer this question each with its own benefits. Let’s check out a few.

The Many Ways to Remove a Composer Package

Apr 22, 2019 composer php

Turns out there’s a few different mechanisms to remove a package from your composer project. It’s important to understand what each method does and what its side effects are.

Composer Security Concerns with Create Project

Jan 21, 2019 composer php security

One of the lesser known pieces of functionality from Composer is the ability to create a project from skeleton/scaffolding. This ability allows you to create a project structure, directory, files and requirements based on the suggested setup from the project maintainer. A common installation mechanism of Laravel uses this functionality. (Even I use it to save time and set up my own custom configuration for new project skeletons.)

Composer Dry Run

Aug 22, 2017 composer php

Just another case of RTFM I’m sure, but I was wondering how to preview the changes that will happen if I do a composer update on my current project. I wanted to get an idea of how many libraries would change so I could see if it would be a short or long project (potentially) to do a 3rd Party Library update. (I already hear you - and I agree - the number of files changing isn’t always indicative of how long the task to update your project’s dependencies will take. Shhh - quiet you.)

Composer-based Utility Installs vs Global Installs

May 11, 2015 composer php phpunit

I’m a huge fan of tools like PHPUnit. Or any other tool that will help my project carry on.