Entries with the tag “archived-projects”

As an entrepreneur and open source programmer, I’ve created a lot of programming projects, sites and web apps. Blog entries tagged “archived-projects” are projects that I no longer support and have archived. You’ll find rationales, postmortems, details and lessons-learned from these projects.

Explain WTF

Nov 9, 2023 archived-projects

A couple years ago I was working with a group of great hearted well meaning people who just didn’t know anything about tech. So I decided to create a website where I explained terms to them - but in my typical manner. That was explain.wtf.

Using Github Public Api for Random User Retrieval

Let’s say you have a domain you’re not going to use anymore that has to do with web development. What should you do with it? Obviously write some JS to redirect that domain to a random Github user’s profile, right? Let me show you how.

Shutting Down PlayTicTacToe.page

May 4, 2021 archived-projects

A friend of mine created a bingo caller at letsplaybingo.io which I found pretty interesting. She got lots of traffic and a lot of appreciative people. This inspired me to make a simple game website to keep my skills up to date. Maybe people would love it, too! (spoiler alert: they didn’t)

Bye Bye FixMyFuckingProject

May 1, 2021 archived-projects

So, if you know me personally, you know I’m a bit profane. I tend to keep this out of my professional work. But, I noticed that this pattern of speaking was common among a core group of my previous clients: those who have a project spiraling out of control. So, I decided to brand “Fix My Fucking Project” to their needs.

The RedirectURL Experiment is Done

This is a tech and business blog, so I normally don’t get too deep or emotional. But, I’ve got to talk a bit about my dream and what I’ve learned.

The End of QuickPic

QuickPic.dev was a site for quick edits, crops and touch-ups in your browser. After a year of stagnation, I think its time to move on - and share what I’ve learned.

The End of Possessor

Before I begin a security audit, I try to make sure that the client owns their website. Normally, this is pretty easy and obvious. However, sometimes it takes a little bit more work. That’s why I had thought of launching the tool called Possessor.

Site profile: whatscloseto.me

Goal: Clever named site that shows local establishments close to your location. Was based on Google Ip location services. The thought was just for people to think ‘whats close to me’ and type that up.

Site profile: thebetterbachelor.com

Goal: to create a bachelor cookbook and sell it to other bachelors online. The price of the cookbook was to be very cheap so that it wasn’t too much of a risk. The book itself was supposed to be picture rich and very verbose. It showed how to accomplish tasks that other books assumed a person knew.

Service Profile: mketweeps

Goal: I came up with an idea that I wanted to find local people in our area and mention them using a twitter bot. Pretty simple.

Site Profile: jemdiary.com

JEMDiary was one of my longest running websites, from way early in the century.

Site Profile: honorarybrother.com

Goal: to create a site serving females that felt a specific male in their life deserved positive recognition. Then, to monetize the recipient from one of two targeted ads.

Site Profile: amazondiscount.me

The goal was to use links that Amazon provided themselves to showcase categories and percentage discounts with my affiliate tag. The thought was a clean interface would easily encourage people to click a discount of say 90% but send affiliate contributions my way.

Site Profile: name-tag.me

Note: I have shut down name-tag.me. These notes were taken before I pulled the plug.

The goal was to make a “hello my name is” style name tag without the use of images but with a handwritten font.