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How to handle AJAX errors with jQuery

Aug 24, 2010 ajax jquery

Many times, the error property of the jQuery AJAX call is ignored. Most often, you’ll see just references to the success portion.

Cross Domain AJAX - A quick anatomy of a mashup

So after searching the Internet for some cross domain AJAX stuff, I noticed two interesting articles. The first was the specifics of writing these queries (located here). Then, the next gave a breakdown of how this might be useful in a mash-up collaborative sense (here).

AJAX Security Research and Findings - Round 2

Jul 7, 2007 ajax php security

Round 2, and the final round, is complete! The previous article here talked about my initial findings. Well, I was able to try some proofs of concepts on my javascript finding, and I put together our top level recommendations for (”the triangle”). Let’s see:

AJAX Security Research and Findings - Round 1

Jun 28, 2007 ajax php security

(“the triangle”) wants to keep implementing more and more AJAX based systems - but no one ever took time to research into the security issues with this.