NPM Install for Hugo Theme on Cloudflare Pages

Feb 6, 2023 hugo javascript

You’ve created a nice Hugo-based theme which uses Node dependencies. Time to deploy on Cloudflare pages, but it won’t recognize you need to do an NPM Install. What do you do?


First of all, the why. Why are you using Node dependencies? Well that’s simple - you might be using something like Bootstrap and you want to use ES Build to remove the code you’re not using, tree shake, minify, etc.

Is this always a problem?

No, not really. By default, Cloudflare pages will understand you have Node modules to install if you have a package.json in the root of your project. But, since I plan to cycle through themes in Hugo, and each may use different dependencies, I don’t necessarily want all of them installed. I want to keep my themes componentized (maybe I want to distribute them at some point).

Point is, there is a way to get this to work - but it’s not the way I want to structure my code.

How Do You Do It?

Well, when you configure Cloudflare Pages, you can choose the Hugo preset which will set the command hugo as your build command. Now, you have to customize this.

At any one time, you’re only going to use one theme at a time in your Hugo project. So, we’re going to assume the theme you want to target is my-current-theme.

Log in to Cloudflare pages, and go to your build settings. At time of writing, this is:

  • Click on your website in the Pages section
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Click the Builds & Deployments menu
  • Click the Edit configurations button
  • Change the Build command to the following:

npm --prefix=./themes/my-current-theme install && hugo

This tells NPM that it’s working directory (basically) is your current theme directory. Then it will do an NPM install. Note by specifying the prefix, though, you haven’t changed directories. Then the && says run the next command if the first didn’t fail. So that’s the hugo build command. From there on, Hugo takes over.

PS: Bonus tip

I like to minify my output with Hugo, so I had already modified my build command before this to use the --minify command line option for hugo. But basically, my real command I run is this:

npm --prefix=./themes/my-current-theme install && hugo --minify

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