The State of Security of Laravel Apps in 2021

Jan 4, 2022 laravel php
This post is more than 18 months old. Since technology changes too rapidly, this content may be out of date (but that's not always the case). Please remember to verify any technical or programming information with the current release.

The State of Security of Laravel Apps in 2021 is a whitepaper based on the quiz submissions from Laravel programmers.

This is an entry I’ve written to preserve the content from The Laravel Hacker. Current Laravel security information can now be found on

When I launched the Laravel Hacker 7 Question Security Quiz, I gathered aggregate, privatized anonymous results. The quiz helped programmers understand how secure their app is - and the answers helped me understand what things to talk about in the future regarding security.

These self-reported quiz answers have been gathered into a whitepaper from over 1,000 developers in 2021. Download the 14 page PDF below.

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