What Have I Been Working on Lately?

Jul 14, 2021 business
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I’ve been working on a lot of things lately - I thought it might be nice to do a quick run down of what those are.

More Better Faster, my consulting company, has been taking off. I’m working with a few clients on implementing best practices and good processes. While I do some development in these contracts, a lot of the time I’m focused on guiding teams into better practices or introducing new tooling. I have worked on niching down a bit on Laravel-specific consulting with my /laravel link.

AaronSaray.com continues to be primarily focused on blogging, but it hosts my /resume and /cv as well. I thought about redoing it a bit ago - especially when I wrote about what it means to be a CTO. While I may still do that, that’s no longer on the top of my list.

NoCompromises is Joel’s business, but we work together there as well. We tend to split up the work and billing depending on who’s going to be primarily working on the contract. I’m tremendously lucky to work with Joel on projects large and small.

Speaking of working with Joel, we launched the No Compromises Podcast which goes by the tagline Two seasoned salty programming veterans talk best practices based on years of working with Laravel SaaS teams. We share some best practices and Laravel-related things, and wrap it up with a little banter.

Master Laravel Validation Rules is our first paid e-book from Joel and myself. It includes an e-book and a set of PHP exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned. It’s been pretty exciting launching this.

A Little Bit of Laravel is our second e-book and it’s FREE. We had written a mailing list of tips and tricks, but found out that our community would rather like these in the form of an e-book. With almost over 3000 copies downloaded, we’re pretty happy to be helping developers up their Laravel game.

Laravel Hacker is a Laravel security-related brand I’ve been working on. I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like, but that’s because I’m using my time to build out some security videos for another company. When launched, I’ll be able to focus more on LH and provide a coupon to those videos as well.

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