Getting variable values from nested twig / symfony custom template

Mar 12, 2015 php symfony
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Today, I was working with a custom form themed symfony / twig project. The previous developer had developed a bootstrap based theme (yes, this is an older Symfony project at this moment - I think this is a bundled theme now). I was struggling with the block field_row item. Inside of this, there was a call to form_label passing in just the form view again. I was setting a custom label on the form_row() call in the main template, but nothing was happening.

I should mention… I’m just learning this particular integration, plus this is slightly old code, so I may be partially right in my entry. If I have something wrong, please comment! I’d love to learn. But, I wanted to post this because I couldn’t find the answer myself.

I had the following:

{{ form_row(form.myItem, {'label': 'My special label'}) }}

It wasn’t grabbing my output in the custom template. The template excerpt looked like this…

{% block field_row %}
  <div class="{{ div_class }}">
    {{ form_label(form) }}
    <div class="controls">
      {{ form_widget(form, _context) }}
      {{ form_errors(form) }}
{% endblock field_row %}

In this case, the form variable passed to form_label did not have my custom variable on it. Caveat: it looks like its a form render view object, but I don’t quite yet follow why this matters… Anyway, I tried using form.get('label') but that didn’t work.

Turns out, the _context array had the values for this particular element. So, I modified:

{{ form_label(form, _context['label']) }}

Yay! That got the standard label - or the custom label I set. Success.

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