Don't Underestimate the Importance of Work Space

Jan 3, 2014 business management
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I’ve read the articles and studies about workers creating their own work spaces and I think it’s a great idea. (In fact, the company should too - it increases efficiency by 32%!) But, I never really realized how important it was until recently.

There have been a lot of office space movement in the last few months at my current employer. I never worried too much about what will happen - what happens, happens. However, I thought there wasn’t enough communication about the specifics. I didn’t go much past that.

Turns out, my group of employees was feeling much more stress and uncertainty than I originally realized. Not knowing exactly where they’d go, who would be by them, what kind of desk they’d have was driving them nuts.

So, if I can give any advice out there to the managers (besides more communication is always better), really pay attention to the wants/needs of your staff - especially when it comes to workspace. They are here usually more than 1/3rd of their day and it really matters. Too often, managers forget about ‘what it was like’ - don’t do this like I did! :)

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