Ubuntu: lightdm login manager does not display properly on boot

Feb 5, 2013 linux
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When I installed Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04, I had the problem where the terminal would boot up until it said something about checking battery state, and then freeze. If I flipped to a different terminal, I could sudo launch lightdm - and then login on the first terminal. Obviously, this wasn’t my first choice in fixing this, though.

After doing a little bit more digging, I found it was a combination of issues with my nvidia configuration and boot time. I’m not an ubuntu wiz, so I don’t know the specifics really. However, I was able to make the following fix to fix my issue:

Edit /etc/init/lightdm.conf

Find the line exec lightdm

Put sleep 1 above it.

This causes it to wait another second before it launches lightdm. This gives the nvidia driver enough time to catch up I guess.

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