My StackOverflow Rant

Jul 30, 2013 business
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Ugh. I really want to contribute to the community. I do! If others before me wouldn’t have done it, I wouldn’t be where I am.

So I visit Stack Overflow often. But I’m getting depressed…


A) Off topic posts are closed Not sure what makes an off topic or non-informative post… but I’ve answered two or three now that were closed after I posted my answer. All that work, now the question is gone. The best explanation I got is that it wasn’t in Q/A format… So??? Sometimes discussion is good. If this really is a problem, move it to a discussion section then…

B) Useless answers up voted There’s a pretty long question and someone puts in the comments a simple, “duh” style answer. “Just do this” they say. Then, the comments erupt with a back-and-forth dialog about how that isn’t any help. Put some effort into your answer! Stop just trying to be “First!”

C) Tough questions are not answered I’ve posted maybe one or two questions so far - they were tough ones. The best answer I’ve gotten was people posting links to unrelated questions. None of my tough questions are answered. So… am I to believe that the truly intelligent are not going to the site anymore either - as I’m much more likely to do in the future?

Don’t get me wrong… I like Stack Overflow and have found value in some of the answers. But for those occasional visitors like me (I visit once a week to add my responses), it’s really frustrating. I’ve been doing it to make sure that I give back - but when the barrier to give back is so full of annoyance and trolls, its really hard to do so…

Cmon. Grr. Rant over. :)

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